Sneakers: CLAE’s The Desmond for Spring/Summer 2013

The New Desmond by CLAE has me jumping for joy. Finally, a loafer/trainer hybrid with some serious suaveness. The new Desmond comes in two colorways, which both look pristine, but the blue has even Peyo‘s Smurfs squirting. Unsure of the price point on these, but based on Blanquito Especial’s predictions you can expect to pay $120-$180. … Continue reading

Sneakers: Adidas Gazelle Indoor – Dark Green // Black

The simplicity in structure and of design the Adidas Gazelle possess is reason for the models extended popularity among sneaker heads. Add a beautiful forest green suede, black leather accents, and the indoor sole and you have a shoe with a lot of flava that isn’t screaming for attention. Photos compliments of Kith

Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run Premium Fall 2012

After receiving much positive feedback from the release of the first Roshe Run,the big wigs in Oregon have decided to add a touch of swank to the water-like shoe. The modification to the upper half of the sneaker being a suede material, opposed to the original all-mesh design, adds a touch of chic to the … Continue reading

Sneakers: The Jack Purcell LTT Sneaker in Olive Branch Camo

The military camouflage pattern is one that has influenced fashion since the first world war. Depending on which culture you find yourself associating with, the pattern is and/or was undoubtedly a part of your wardrobe in some manner.  It may have been a staple in your closet or one that seemed to rotate through, in … Continue reading

Sneakers: New Balance 547 Light Blue

Unless your foot size resembles that of a behemoth, the Classic 574 from New Balance is the perfect trainer to be seen in at the gym or on the street. Not to mention, the sneaker is usually one of the lower-priced models New Balance has to offer, so you won’t have to worry about catching … Continue reading

Sneakers: New Balance Farmers Market Pack

I have always been one to favor a neutral palette, which is why New Balance’s Farmers Market Pack will be my go to shoes for the fall season of 2012. This new rendition of the classic 577 will be available October 1st at select retailers and are a perfect pairing for comfy casual.   New … Continue reading

Sneakers: J. Crew x Pro Keds Royal Master

J. Crew and Pro Keds team up to present, the Royal Master, a great low-top pick-up shoe for the upcoming summer months. The shoe’s super simple silhouette is easy to dress-up and even easier to dress down. Available in-store or online at J.Crew. Source: Nice Kicks

Sneakers: Pro-Keds & Louisville Slugger

Honestly i’d rather masturbate with a bottle of super glue than watch a full 9 innings of baseball. Even if my hand was to get glued to my bat, it’d probably be less painful then being exposed to 3-hours of the sport often referred to as  America’s “pastime”. With that being said, I present you … Continue reading

Sneakers: NIKE Air Flow Storm Blue/New Green

I couldn’t comprise the words to justify my feelings about the new NIKE Air Flow Blue/New Green colorway, so I added a video that would. Source: Sneaker Files

Sneakers: NIKE Roshe Run

The mass amount of recent trainer releases has left my wallet hurting, however my feet looking/smelling overly fresh.  Provided below are a few different looks of the new NIKE Roshe Run. This trainer is comprised of a foam sole with a breathable upper mesh section that will allow your feet to keep dry during those hot … Continue reading