Watch: Ingenious Hyundai Expo

Creating an innovative atmosphere and then some, props Hyundai.

Watch: Killing Them Softly

In theatres November 30th, 2012.

Art: Jeff Dalnas 2012 Profile

This short list summarizes why the 2012 profile of Jeff Dalnas is worth watching. 1. Skating by Jeff Dalnas. 2. Pleasant visuals compliments of Nick Pisciotta. 3.ort list summarizes why the 2012 profile of Jeff Dalnas is worth watching. Jeff Dalnas 2012 Profile from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Watch: Cattail Initiative

The creative collective, Kut, leaves the people of Riga, Lativa dumbfounded while taking me back to a very innocent time with this exotic representation of street art. Oh Joy! from kut on Vimeo.  

Events: NYC Street Invite (spot info)

I deem this Saturday, September 22nd, National Rollerblading Day as the newly remodeled L.E.S. (Coleman) Skatepark will be  host to the second annual NYC Street Invite. Expect the park to be littered with the crème de la crème of the industry and a bunch of young-guns trying to make a name for themselves. For more updates … Continue reading

Listen: November Has Come

Autumn’s coming guys, enjoy.

Sneakers: CLAE’s The Desmond for Spring/Summer 2013

The New Desmond by CLAE has me jumping for joy. Finally, a loafer/trainer hybrid with some serious suaveness. The new Desmond comes in two colorways, which both look pristine, but the blue has even Peyo‘s Smurfs squirting. Unsure of the price point on these, but based on Blanquito Especial’s predictions you can expect to pay $120-$180. … Continue reading

Advised Viewing: Bulding Unimaginable Shapes

This is what it’s all about, bringing what’s beyond the imagination to reality.

Art: Musician Portraits Using Their Own Cds

Much like the 4 inch floppy, many see the compact disc on a path for extinction. For most of us, this is true. For Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco it is not. Check out their breathtaking portraits of legendary music icons created using 6500 cd’s and 200 hours. Source: Beautiful Life

Events: NYC Street Invitational 2012

The NYC Street Invitational will be taking place on September 22nd. More information on timing and location to come. Until then, you fiends can get your fix with an edit from last years invitational created by Sam DeAngelis. Follow @BillyONeillCO on twitter for any//all information regarding the comp.