Watch: Chris Haffey is Slightly Mental

The tricks Haffey displays in his 2010 section from the Vibralux On Top video are disgusting and makes me wonder if he’s ever been evaluated for any mental illnesses. His part in the video is littered with tricks impossible to a land in a video game, but somehow accomplishes such feats in real life. If I had to choose one … Continue reading

Watch: Ingenious Hyundai Expo

Creating an innovative atmosphere and then some, props Hyundai.

Watch: Cattail Initiative

The creative collective, Kut, leaves the people of Riga, Lativa dumbfounded while taking me back to a very innocent time with this exotic representation of street art. Oh Joy! from kut on Vimeo.  

Art: Musician Portraits Using Their Own Cds

Much like the 4 inch floppy, many see the compact disc on a path for extinction. For most of us, this is true. For Mirco Pagano and Moreno De Turco it is not. Check out their breathtaking portraits of legendary music icons created using 6500 cd’s and 200 hours. Source: Beautiful Life

Art: Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell – Scorpion Sessions

The perfected, fast-paced style of this duo is without a doubt, untouchable.

Art: Aaron De La Cruz x Agenda

Aaron De La Cruz will be displaying his skills tomorrow at the Agenda Show in Long Beach, California. Below is a small documentation of some of Aaron’s prior work. photo © Jaime Rojo   Source: Jeff Hamada // Aaron De La Cruz

Art: Silvio Teixeira

This type of creativity really gets me charged up. Designed by Silvio Teixeira.   Source: booooooom

Art: Paintings by Holton Rower

Sensual Saturdays. Related posts: Pour Painting Source:  booooooom

Design: Keep Calm and Carry On (narrative history)

An insightful short film explaining the history of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, a propaganda poster that dates back to WWII. Film compliments of Temujin Doran. Source: Branding / Identity / Design

Art: Cycle Hangers by Olly Staiano

Fresh to deaf, ooo wee. Oliver Staiano, a student in Nottingham Trent University’s Product design program, has a creative interpretation of clothes hangers with the use of nothing other than old bike parts and wood finishing. Follow Olly’s directions by visiting Co-Product for step by step instructions on how to make the hangers for yo-sayo. Source: … Continue reading