Watch: Chris Haffey is Slightly Mental

The tricks Haffey displays in his 2010 section from the Vibralux On Top video are disgusting and makes me wonder if he’s ever been evaluated for any mental illnesses. His part in the video is littered with tricks impossible to a land in a video game, but somehow accomplishes such feats in real life. If I had to choose one … Continue reading

Events: NYC Street Invite (spot info)

I deem this Saturday, September 22nd, National Rollerblading Day as the newly remodeled L.E.S. (Coleman) Skatepark will be  host to the second annual NYC Street Invite. Expect the park to be littered with the crème de la crème of the industry and a bunch of young-guns trying to make a name for themselves. For more updates … Continue reading

Advised Viewing: Alex Broskow Valo ABVX.1 Promo Edit

Broskow’s still got it. Source: Be-Mag

Events: King of Queens 2012

If you live in/or around Flushing, Queens and are interested in spending the day with a gang of fruitbooters, this Saturday June 2nd will be the King of Queens competition held at Flushing Meadows Park. Registration begins at 12pm so if you are planning on competing make sure you bring 10 beans. Source: I Roll … Continue reading

Advised Viewing: Mark Wojda – Two Weeks In Barcelona

There are many contributing factors as to why this was one of my favorite edits of 2011; big stunts, stylish skating, quality editing/filming, and a fantastic song choice. I could go for less shin exposure, but none the less this edit is bad ass. Mark Wojda is fearless. Shout out to Powerhouse Studios doing such … Continue reading

Events: Winterclash 2012 Official Edit by Minimal Motions

No doubt about it, this is the OFFICIAL Winterclash 2012 edit. The crew over at Minimal Motions definitely took the time and effort required when documenting one of rollerblading’s biggest events of the year. Time lapses looked great and song selection was on point. Our condolences go out to Prince Aragon after the nasty spill … Continue reading