Watch: Chris Haffey is Slightly Mental

The tricks Haffey displays in his 2010 section from the Vibralux On Top video are disgusting and makes me wonder if he’s ever been evaluated for any mental illnesses. His part in the video is littered with tricks impossible to a land in a video game, but somehow accomplishes such feats in real life. If I had to choose one … Continue reading

Art: Jeff Dalnas 2012 Profile

This short list summarizes why the 2012 profile of Jeff Dalnas is worth watching. 1. Skating by Jeff Dalnas. 2. Pleasant visuals compliments of Nick Pisciotta. 3.ort list summarizes why the 2012 profile of Jeff Dalnas is worth watching. Jeff Dalnas 2012 Profile from TheConferenceTV on Vimeo.

Events: NYC Street Invitational 2012

The NYC Street Invitational will be taking place on September 22nd. More information on timing and location to come. Until then, you fiends can get your fix with an edit from last years invitational created by Sam DeAngelis. Follow @BillyONeillCO on twitter for any//all information regarding the comp.  

Art: Richie Eisler & Jeff Stockwell – Scorpion Sessions

The perfected, fast-paced style of this duo is without a doubt, untouchable.

Advised Viewing: Rollerblade in Atlanta

Rollerblade’s team has never been short of talent and this video of the crew in Atlanta proves no different. This video has a special cameo from your host with the most, Keving Dowling, commentating in front of lens. Brings me back to the VG19 days. Source: Be-mag

Advised Viewing: Mark Wojda – Two Weeks In Barcelona

There are many contributing factors as to why this was one of my favorite edits of 2011; big stunts, stylish skating, quality editing/filming, and a fantastic song choice. I could go for less shin exposure, but none the less this edit is bad ass. Mark Wojda is fearless. Shout out to Powerhouse Studios doing such … Continue reading

Events: Winterclash 2012 Official Edit by Minimal Motions

No doubt about it, this is the OFFICIAL Winterclash 2012 edit. The crew over at Minimal Motions definitely took the time and effort required when documenting one of rollerblading’s biggest events of the year. Time lapses looked great and song selection was on point. Our condolences go out to Prince Aragon after the nasty spill … Continue reading

Advised Viewing: Josiah Blee’s Winter Edits

Some people hit to the slopes during the winter. Josiah Blee on the other hand takes his flawless style to the streets of Seattle in this very well documented edit filmed by Bander Saleh. Source: Be-Mag

Events: WRS Uploaded

Ever since the demise of the A.S.A. and rollerblading’s extinction from the X-Games, the industry has been anxiously waiting for an association to emerge.  This association would help to promote our sport through competition in the way it is supposed to be represented. Over the past xxxx years, The World Rolling Series (WRS) has stepped … Continue reading

Advised Viewing: Ground Control Trailer

I am honestly too juiced right now to write a serious post about the sport of rollerblading, its direction, or the loyalty of people involved in the industry. I am just going to post the trailer for the new Ground Control video filmed by Simon Mulvaney in production with Jon Elliot. This could quite possibly … Continue reading